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complain that it is not a good enough Revolution
and we want a better one.
, The more highly things are collectivised the
more necessary is a legal system embodying the
Rights of Man. This has been forgotten under
the Soviets, and so men go in fear there of
arbitrary police action. But the more functions
your government controls the more need there
is for protective law. The objection to Soviet
collectivism is that, lacking the antiseptic of
legally assured personal freedom, it will not keep.
It professes to be fundamentally a common
economic system based on class-war ideas;
the industrial director is under the heel of the
Party commissar ; the political police have
got altogether out of hand ; and affairs gravitate
inevitably towards an oligarchy or an autocracy
protecting its incapacity by the repression of
adverse comment.
But these valid criticisms merely indicate the
sort of collectivisation that has to be avoided.
It does not dispose of collectivism as such. If we
in our turn do not wish to be submerged by the
wave of Bolshevisation that is evidently advancing
from the East, we must implement all these valid
objections and create a collectivisation that will
be more efficient, more* prosperous, tolerant,*
free and rapidly progressive than the systeip